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We offer a variety of tutorial services. Our tutors are available to tutor both online and face-to-face. No complicated fee structure here. Our philosophy is simple: the right way is the easy way, and the easy way is honest and straightforward. There is a $32 to $40 per hour charge, that can be discounted with packages with up to 20% off, and a $35.00 non-refundable administrative fee. The fee is in place due to the time and effort it takes to communicate and set up the initial meeting between the tutor and tutee. Also, this fee guarantees and secures a tutor for the student. The fee authorizes us to begin the process of finding a suitable tutor for the student. You can take a minimum of 5 hours tutoring. After we get your application and fee, we will have one of our 99Tutors get in touch with you and set up a time and place for a first meeting. You guys link up, and see if the chemistry is right--it probably will be. Then you decide how many hours you want, you pay the fees online, and then we get you started. If you are not comfortable with the particular tutor we send you, just tell us and we'll send a different one--we're 99Tutors and we'll get it right. If we don't, you'll get your money back. Plain and simple. But we don't think we'll have a problem finding you a tutor who can really help you. We're 99Tutors and our tutors are great!